Polis is a powerful, full-featured canvassing app that supports individual door-to-door outreach efforts.

Polis runs on both iOS and Android. It automatically generates walking routes, handles data collection, and tracks canvassers, making managing a door-to-door campaign a breeze. Organizations using Polis need only 1 minute per day to manage door-to-door operations where historically they were spending hours. Polis has 7 key features that make any door-knocking campaign easier and more successful.


Polis can be used to support:

  • Door-to-door sales 
  • Persuasion campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Fundraising
  • Religious outreach
  • Petition drives
  • Election-day and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts
  • Literature and door hanger drop offs
  • Poll checking

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Key features of the Polis app


Automation Frees You to Focus on Door Knocking

Walk List Automation

  • Walk lists automatically created for each canvasser
  • Staffers no longer have to cut turf/build routes manually
  • Creates routes from your canvasser's current location--not some arbitrary location
  • Algorithmically generated most-efficient routing for each canvasser
  • Uses crowdsourced information to prevent routes that cross highways and waterways
  • Allows your canvassers to knock on 10% more doors per hour

Tracking Automation

  • Automatic real-time tracking of each canvasser

  • Canvassers input data in the field, which is immediately forwarded to HQ

  • Real-time knowledge of where everyone is and how they are doing




Prospect List Import/Export and Append

Import your prospect lists from any csv-formatted file (such as from Salesforce, voter files, L2, NGP VAN, i360, Acxiom, Experian, etc.) or connect your NationBuilder account to get started. Don't have data? No worries! We'll work with you to get what you need.

Add optional data from Polis generated by our data scientists and from other canvassers: 

  • new mover notifications
  • social connection data (how potential customers know your current customers)
  • credit score predictions
  • previous door knock responses
  • other (looking for a specific type of data to enhance your interactions? Polis can get it for you. Reach out today)

Export your contact lists and the data from your door-knocking efforts whenever you want




Data Capture and Caching

  • Real-time data from field to HQ
  • The app backs up data when the canvasser has no Wi Fi receptions and sends it automatically when a connection is restored


Custom Survey Questions

Design your own survey questions. Get answers to popular questions such as:

Election Persuasion

  • Are you voting?
  • To what degree to you support or oppose our candidate?
  • What issues are important to you?
  • What is your email address or phone number?

Door-to-Door Sales

  • Are you interested in saving money on your energy bill?
  • Would you like to buy any of the following products from our catalog?
  • Can we help you restore your windows to be fully water-resistant?

Lead Generation

  • Can we schedule a follow-up appointment?
  • Do you agree with the following phrase?
  • Can we come back to discuss at a better time?
  • Are you interested in joining our mailing list?


List of Canvassers

Keep track of your canvassers and their results.

  • Identification (Name, Email address, Phone number, Role)
  • Head of Canvassing
  • Manager
  • Staff
  • Canvasser
  • Status (Active, Inactive, Unconfirmed)
  • Monitor for fraud

Set canvasser goals

  • Performance statistics (Doors knocked on, Conversations, Responses)
  • Support
  • Oppose
  • Undecided


Canvass Analytics

See your key metrics:

  • Number of contacted houses
  • Number of conversations
  • Support levels
  • Your canvassers’ penetration by category

Geographic breakdowns:

  • Precinct
  • Town
  • State

Demographic breakdowns:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race


Poll Tracker

Track your supporters’ activities at the polls. Automatically remove people who have already voted from your walk lists.



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