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Polis Case Study:
Eric Greitens for Missouri Governor 2016

Candidate uses Polis to win 2 of the most hotly contested elections of 2016


Locked in one of the 2016 cycle’s most hotly contested races, the Greitens campaign needed to find an edge. Recognizing the decisive role of field operations but wanting to do things differently, they turned to Polis for a better way to canvass. Polis helped them knock more doors and win crucial votes in a race where every ballot mattered.

About the Race

To win the governorship, Eric Greitens had to win a highly contested Republican primary before competing in a tight general election for a seat previously held by a Democrat. A former Democrat, Greitens faced early questions about whether he could unite the Republican base and win the election over more established Republican politicians, including a former State Speaker of the House as well as a former Lieutenant Governor.

Even after making it through the primary, he had to face the popular and well established Attorney General of the state in the general. His primary win was an incredible coup, but getting through the general was poised to be even harder.

The campaign needed to increase grassroots participation to raise awareness of their message and challenge well-funded party candidates. Frustrated by outreach solutions that took up valuable management time, the campaign sought technology to maximize their efficiency and drive their canvassing efforts to a new level.

Why Polis?

In their search for good technology, they were drawn to Polis’ innovative approach. Eliminating the need to build walk books, input data and manage volunteers in the field, Polis saved the campaign time and funds while allowing them to reach more voters. Managers were able to use Polis’ dashboard to track canvassers’ locations and response rates in real time, while monitoring for fraud and testing different messaging approaches.

The Greitens campaign used Polis to target over 800,000 swing voters. By eliminating paperwork and making door knocking more efficient, Polis freed up campaign resources to focus on strategy, outreach, and volunteer recruitment.


The campaign used Polis to mobilize over 200 volunteers and knock over 100,000 targeted doors. In addition to the staff time saved, Polis canvassers knocked 10% more doors per hour and had 20% more effective communication (because of managers monitoring and changing scripts live from headquarters). These efficiency gains helped make the difference in a tight race.

Eric Greitens won both his primary race and general election to win the governorship. The final margin was 65,000 votes in the primary and 200,000 votes in the general election. The doors his campaign knocked made all the difference.


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