Dear Friends,

Polis prides itself on being a non-partisan organization that improves door-to-door outreach and in-person communication. Our mission is to better connect people with the organizations they care about and so far, having facilitated over 3 million in-person conversations, it has been a tremendous success.

The problem is that our mission is now at risk. President Trump's executive order banning immigrants from certain countries means that Americans will have fewer conversations, meet fewer people and further alienate the most vulnerable segments of our society. Encouraging conversations and generating trust is critical to the future of our country but it is limited by state-sanctioned discrimination and the risking of human lives.

We hope that President Trump will quickly reconsider Friday's executive order. For that reason we have decided to offer Polis' canvassing software and data free to U.S. organizations whose mission statements focus exclusively on helping immigrants, supporting refugees and/or defending Muslim Americans. We will continue offering our services free to these organizations until the executive order is repealed.

Please help us spread the word. Any organizations that qualify can sign up here:

There is no substitute for in-person communication, so go talk to your neighbors. We support you.

Best wishes,
Kendall H. Tucker
CEO/Founder, Polis