Studies have shown that in-person interactions are 4x more likely to lead to a sale than other interactions and because of that, door-to-door selling has been growing 34% year-over-year.[1] However, organizations that sell door-to-door are being held back from maximizing their sales by out-dated practices.

Many D2D representatives today are still sent to neighborhoods to knock every door without guidance on who they’re going to talk to, what they should say, or even where other representatives have already knocked. Their managers don’t have a way to track them and spend hours every day entering data on the results of the day’s canvass.

Today, the best companies are revolutionizing their door-to-door outreach with Polis, a company focused on delivering solutions that coordinate and automate the logistics of door-to-door operations. Smart data, industry-leading technology, and top-tier partnerships have allowed Polis to revolutionize door-to-door outreach:

Optimized data and analytics provide canvassers with targeted leads proven to maximize sales success. Polis’ platform takes basic demographic information, then overlays it with information about how likely a person is to be responsive at the door, how well they are connected to other people in an organization’s customer file, and what a canvasser should say to those people to have the most effective interactions. Polis canvassers are having the most productive conversations possible with people up to 50% more likely to buy a product or service.

Smarter technology makes canvasser management a breeze and allows for continuous improvement. Managers can follow their representatives’ locations in real time and track their success to allow for adjustments on the fly. All the data collected from a day’s canvass is immediately available on the software platform, where managers can monitor analytics about their outreach, compare different messaging strategies and differentiate their top performers at a glance. The system automates cumbersome tasks so organizations can spend more time measuring results and less time wrestling with data.

Lastly, Polis’ industry-leading business development and customer success resources help partners take their door-to door outreach to the next level. By using Polis, companies gain access to help documents, best practices, and insights gleaned from 3M+ door knocks and partnerships with door-to-door industry leaders. Beyond Polis’ software suite, firms gain access to a partner and knowledge base that re-shapes their entire door-to-door strategy.

Polis has a track record of making it easier and more effective for organizations to spread their message door-to-door. Polis has been used on two presidential campaigns, and by corporate leaders in energy, home security, and a range of other industries. Polis is passionate about a world where people interact face-to-face with the organizations they care about and they are excited that their partners are changing the world. Join Polis and improve your door knocking by 1,000%. Opportunity is knocking.


[1] Oxford Economics and Bureau of Labor Statistics