Discover how Polis is revolutionizing D2D outreach using smart technology, targeted data and top-tier partnerships. Polis automatically creates optimized walk lists, reduces walk time and makes  reps 10x more successful at every door. Most importantly,  Polis treats all our organizations as partners through trainings and in-person visits to make sure they are all as successful as can be.


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Smart Technology, Targeted Data and Top-Tier Partnerships to take D2D outreach to the next level

Polis identifies qualified leads in any location of your choice. It shows you cutting edge analytics to track sales reps' progress and it automates cumbersome tasks so you can spend more time measuring results than setting up campaigns. Additionally Polis' partners access help documents and best practices from the 3M+ doors that Polis users have already knocked.


6 Easy Steps to More Door-to-Door Sales

1. Choose Contact Data:

Populate targets in your Polis account by: Using Polis' data to identify qualified leads, uploading your own contact list or syncing a list from a CRM.

2. Register Your Team:

Sign up management and field reps through your HQ page. Once your reps have the app on their smartphones, they're ready to start knocking on doors.

3. Set Objectives:

Input the questions your residential field representatives are to ask your prospects and include e-contracts for them to sign.


4. Begin Door Knocking:

Walk lists automatically generate on reps’ phones based on data and objectives that management has set. These routes save canvassers 15 minutes per hour and make reps 10x more effective.

5. Collect Data:

The Polis app will prompt your reps to collect information from each interaction and will track reps to ensure against fraud.

6. Analyze and Strategize:

See updates on your HQ page the instant data are collected in the field. Use Polis to track progress and direct your team.


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